You’re only as good as your Realtor….

Over 23+ years in residential real estate I have evaluated selling and buying from all angles.  Why are some Realtors so successful in moving their buyers into homes and in getting their seller’s homes sold while listings of other Realtors may languish or buyers are not taken as seriously?

The answer is: The Realtor.  A good Realtor knows how to package your offer. He or she knows how to relay information back to other Realtors when in negotiations.  Two recent examples:

I had this wonderful listing in The Heights recently.  We had overwhelming interest and numerous offers.  We could not afford to select a buyer who might not make it to the closing table.  All buyers are very qualified. Many offer similar dollar amounts.  How does one decide?

As they say, “You are known by the company you keep” so knowing who the Realtor is, you have insight into the buyer. Strong Realtors rarely use their time with non-qualified buyers. They cannot afford to.  In this case, the buyers with the most established and renowned Realtor would win this bid.  As great as the buyers may be – it was by knowing who the Realtor was that obtained this home for the buyers.

In the above case, all worked flawlessly and closing occurred on time.  All deadlines were met or exceeded in the contract – all thanks to the work of the Realtor.

Alternatively, many Realtors can be argumentative and try to be a “hero” to his or her clients. These Realtors often times lose the home for their buyer and future offers or dealings with that Realtor will be suspect.

We also recently had the unfortunate incident of a buyer’s Realtor trying to become a hero for his client by discrediting  everyone else in the transaction including the seller, title company and others, putting himself above the rest. Coming in with a bad attitude can really ruin the buying experience and add stress to an already stressful situation.

So how can you, the consumer, know which Realtors work hard and work with all parties to get a transaction completed?  Which Realtors strive for a win-win so that their names are not tarnished and your offer will be considered at least equally with other offers?

Answer:  not the argumentative ones – but the knowledgeable and aggressive ones.  Additionally, look for those agents associated with reputable companies.   The smaller agencies often do not provide sufficient agent training and do not have the volume of business to warrant many types of advertisement which you would receive at the bigger agencies.

Look for agents that answer the phone promptly.  Those who will tell you what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear.  Ones who have a track record of selling homes or representing their clients. Those agents who already know what to do and present their ideas to you – not just the ones that take your ideas and use them (after all, the Realtors are the experts in selling / buying – not you.  Even if you have sold and purchased 25 homes in your lifetime,  a good Realtor has done that even 25 times over).

The Realtor you can trust won’t just be found on a billboard or a magazine – they will be found answering their phones when you call. They will be the ones asking you the tough questions to (ultimately) make your decisions a bit easier.  They will have contacts such as plumbers, electricians, contractors, inspectors at their fingertips and won’t expect you to find your own.

With The Frenk Team you can be assured that we have the track record.  Currently noted as the #3Team at the #1 Real Estate Company in the entire Houston Metro area, we forego all the gimmicks and are hard at work ensuring that YOUR home is sold or that we find you the DREAM HOME that you are looking for!  Call us at 713.818.0829 and see if we answer (probably on the first ring!)


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