Toilet Paper isn’t the Only Thing Selling Like Hotcakes

Local Realtor, Norman Frenk, said “ isn’t just grocery store items that are in hot demand… It’s homes too!”

With 26+ years in this real estate market, Frenk has seen the ups and downs and says we are smack dab in the middle of the “up” market.  “Homes are just flying off the shelf, Frenk said, trumpeting through one of the empty toilet paper rolls,  “I just can’t keep them in stock.  We have seen cyclical markets during school breaks, holidays and summertime and we have not seen a market like, not only the past couple of years but the past couple of months and today included”

What effect has the corona virus had on home sales?  “People are stocking up”, Frenk said.   I haven’t seen anything like it.  We sold almost 170 homes in 2019 and we think we’ll do that by week’s end. There’s obviously some correlation between the amount of toilet paper folks are buying and the need to store it someplace and increase the size of the home by numbers of bathrooms”

“Folks are asking for homes with 5 baths now.  Just 3 bedrooms, but 5 bathrooms.  We are short of those, but I have offered that the folks consider buying two homes”  Frenk insisted that this isn’t a joke.  “These folks are as serious as those buying up all those toilet paper rolls at H-E-B. – where are they going to store all this excess TP? In all the new bathrooms in their new homes, of course – and we at The Frenk Team are here to make their dreams come true.”

The Frenk Team – Norman & Felicity Frenk are the #1 Small Team at the #1 Real Estate Company in the entire Houston Metro. The Frenk Team has been a top 25 Team in the entire Houston Metro (Houston Business Journal) for 5 consecutive years.  Call the Frenk Team for all of your real estate needs.

You can see the Frenks at, on many yard signs, at the closing table and in your mailbox.  You can also see them at your local H-E-B

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