Home Sales at the Frenk Team were up in 2018!

The Frenk Team sold appx 150 homes in 2018 – up by about 8% from the previous year of 2017.

“We have put together a great team”, said Norman Frenk, team leader. “Our team members have worked hard to ensure that our customers needs are priority and that we market the heck out of their homes.”

Hurricane Harvey still had a hand in the real estate market in the entire Houston area in 2018, but especially in the Friendswood & League City areas. Homes that needed updates were brought out of the 1990’s and into 2018 and buyers were loving it. Communities hit by Harvey where there was new construction or newer homes competing, didn’t fare quite as well as buyers tended to opt for those newer homes.

The Frenk Team updated many of the flooded homes for clients and community. Keeping a staff of home technicians available at all times, The Frenk Team has been able to not only lend a hand with the flood victims but also to his other clients needing work done on their homes.

Great economy in 2018 combined with low interest rates, opportunities for buyers and sellers due to Hurricane Harvey and the Frenk’s experience in this real estate market ensured that The Frenk Team had the most successful year yet.

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