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Currently, the United States stands as the leader in human space exploration. However, the President’s recently proposed NASA budget will forfeit that leadership. The proposed budget cancels the Constellation Program, the only current replacement for the Space Shuttle, in the very same year that the Space Shuttle will be retired. This cancellation effectively ends our country’s human exploration program beyond Low Earth Orbit. It also places our ability to perform human spaceflight on the Russians as well as the shoulders of an immature and unproven commercial space market. The development of commercial spaceflight is good for our country, but not at the sacrifice of our human space exploration program.

At a time when job creation is highest among our nation’s concerns, the President’s proposed NASA budget would cut many thousands of high tech jobs across the country. Once NASA loses these highly skilled workers, their years of practical knowledge and experience will leave a gaping hole in the agency’s capabilities.

NASA pushes the frontiers of exploration and discovery, boldly taking on seemingly impossible challenges. No other nation has ever placed a person on the moon. People all over the world admire NASA for its courage, innovation, and persistence: a representation of America itself. NASA’s pioneering in human space exploration provides inspiration to continue to develop innovative concepts in healthcare, energy, education as well as many other fields.

It is critical to our country’s success to remain the leader in human spaceflight; however, the President’s proposed 2011 budget for NASA leads the United States into an uncertain future in space. Therefore, I urge you to grant NASA the charter to build on the current successes of our nation’s human space program. The responsibility now lies with this Congress to provide the leadership and resources necessary to move beyond Low Earth Orbit and solidify America’s leadership in space exploration.

Thank you for your consideration.

Go Boldly NASA

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