Don’t Let THIS happen to YOUR home!

Listing your home is a business decision – not a personal one. These photos prove that you need a professional – not a “friend”.

As a professional real estate photographer and successful Realtor, I am always struck by the number of listings with poor marketing. The single most important item on any real estate advertisement will be the photograph(s), yet many Realtors do not invest in a good quality camera or a photographer.
I have seen photos with toilets open, people sitting on couches, dim lighting, over-exposure, photos of themselves in mirrors, unstaged homes and poorly executed photo layout.

These photos show many of the mistakes that untrained Realtors propose as “marketing” – which is all the more reason to hire a professional.

The Frenk Team always uses great photography to capture the essence of the home. The purpose of photography is to capture the eye and mind of the potential buyer.  Do any of these make you want to view the home?


Very narrow camera view and photo is dated

Really? Pool is greenish and power lines are “advertised”

You would be surprised to find out how many out-of-focus photos are uploaded and passed off as marketing…

Not only is it taken into the light without HDR, but it is out of focus and no one could be bothered to clean it!


What is this a photo of? A corner of a room? C’mon folks – get a camera!


Aside from being out of focus, one really can’t tell much about this room as it was taken into the light without HDR


At least they have the toilet paper spooled correctly. That’s right over the top – not from the back…


Another masterpiece – out of focus and with a date.


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