Cap and Trade – Does it affect homeowners?

Claim: “The bill mandates energy audits and labeling before any home in America is sold”.
Fact: The bill does not create a federal energy audit or labeling requirement. As introduced the original bill would have required energy audits and labeling at the time of sale. However, Realtors succeeded in making many positive changes before the bill was passed. Many published reports are not based upon the version of the bill that was considered by the House. As approved the bill:
  1. Does not create energy audit requirements for real property at time of sale.
  2. Exempts existing homes, multifamily and commercial buildings from any federal energy labeling guidelines such as the existing Energy Star label program (section 204(m)), and
  3. Leaves the decision entirely to state governments whether to pass a law to require labels, but expressly prohibits labeling during a transaction (Section 204 (h)).
“NAR was directly involved in the development of the 308-page amendment. The energy labeling exemption for existing real property was included on page 45. The House bill is available to the public at the Library of Congress’ website: . The real estate provisions are in Title 2 beginning on page 320.
In Congressman John Boehner’s website and the text of the speech he gave on the floor of the House of Representatives, he spoke about the housing provisions on page 7. However, it now appears that he was referring to the original bill that was drafted and not the amended bill that was ultimately passed by the House.

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