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You are here, so you probably have a home that you would like to sell or perhaps you want to buy a home.  That’s what we’re here for – we’re “ and

There are lots of Realtors in the Houston Metro area, but finding the right one can be a challenge.  Out of thousands of people, who do you call?  Your next-door neighbor who is in the business? Your work mate’s wife who has been selling real estate for a year now?  Do you go it alone and post a sign in your yard?  Hopefully you do a bit more studying than that – after all, your most expensive asset is going to be in their hands for a few months and while your $200,000 home is on the market for 6 months, you will have made almost $12,000 in mortgage/tax/insurance payments!

What if you could list your home with a company that has been doing this business for 40+ years and with an agent who has been doing this for 18+ years?   – A company with a strong reputation and marketing dollars to help your home get the right exposure.   – An agent with a M.B.A. in marketing and with the background of having a consumer advocate (Tom Martino – Troubleshooter network) recommendation.  What if your marketing time could be cut down from 6 months to 3?  Would the extra $6,000 and quicker turn-around mean anything to you?  And what if that agent were so adept at negotiations that you gained another 3% of the value of your home in those negotiations (that would make $12,000 in your pocket so far)?

Keeping your own money is only part of the equation.  The peace of mind of having an agent working for you, skillfully, swiftly and sincerely will mean the well-being of your health and knowing your decision was the correct one.

Watch for my next blog:  How “Discount Brokers” don’t usually add up to savings.

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