University of Houston does Foreclosure Study

A new study at the University of Houston Center for Public Policy (CPP) researched foreclosures in Houston and pin-pointed those areas, giving us a map of any troubled areas within the city.

The National Science Foundation  awarded nearly $200K or the “Houston Region Foreclosure Study: A Panel Survey” to study segments of the Houston housing market and foreclosures.

A panel survey examines a population place-or both-over a period of time. This survey design is useful for uncovering emerging patterns that inform basic research and policymakers.

The purpose of the study is not necessarily to pin-point areas that have the most or lease foreclosures, but to study the behaviors and circumstances that may lead to foreclosures. As such, they track both people and neighborhoods in the study.  Those foreclosures, do, however, tent to be concentrated in specific geographic areas.

Researchers have used aerial maps to show neighborhoods with the greatest number of foreclosures. To view the satellite images, visit

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