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Why you shouldn’t hire just “any” Realtor….. Puzzled?

When it comes to searching for a Realtor, the most popular ways have been: Referral from a friend Yard signs Circulars/mailers or other advertisement The friend is a Realtor Social Media Online sources such as those advertised specifically to put you in touch with a local professional   Referrals are great ways to go, yet it doesn’t paint the whole picture.   Good or bad, a Realtor’s hands could be tied by a seller that doesn’t maintain a home for showing or doesn’t price the home optimally.  A poor Realtor could have sold your friend’s home quickly, but perhaps because
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Why Zillow's "Zestimates" are "Zilly"

I often hear sellers using the Zillow “Zestimate” when trying to ascertain the value of their home – at least when the “Zestimate” benefits them.  But the question is:  How accurate are these “Zestimates”? In a nutshell:   Not very. Zillow’s data is extrapolated from sales that have happened in the area, regardless of neighborhood and regardless of size, condition, amenities.  It does not take into account the local buyer’s preferences for “all bedrooms up” or “master down”, homes that sit on more than one lot with separate tax id’s, functionality of floor plan, school, busy street or cul-de-sac and a
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