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Updating your Home to SELL!!!

There are so many things that you can do to update your home – where do you start?  What gives you the best bang for your buck?   Do I need a designer or permits?  Start inside or outside? Lots of good questions.   Here are your best answers: The first rule of thumb: Use the 10% rule: Ensure that your home is not too terribly different from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood.   If hardly anyone else in your neighborhood has new cabinets and granite, then adding that won’t give you as much of a return. Don’t add that
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This Week's Market Report

Mortgage Market Report - Weeks Wrap Up _____ Not much news this week, aside from the Lebron James announcement...he's going to Miami if anyone cares... The biggest news this week was the Initial Jobless Claims report on Thursday which was a little better than expected. "Just" 454,000 people filing first time unemployment benefits . But that was a bit better than the expected 465,000 and somewhat better than last weeks 472,000 first time filings. And with tensions simmering down overseas, the stock market mustered a rally and has closed today above 10,000 again, settling at 10,198 ( DOW Index ).
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