Selling Homes in This Tough Market

(updated Oct 17,2013)

There’s no denying it. We recently finished some of the toughest years in the Real Estate market since the outrageous interest rates of the early 1980’s.  Economic situations, Hurricane Ike, Foreclosures and record jobless rates meant more houses on the market and fewer buyers.   Whereas one may be tempted to hire an agent who discounts their commissions, leaving your most valuable asset in the hands of an agent who has no plans to market the home is a decision frought with disaster.

More marketing – not less, is what is needed.  Quick action – not time delay, is what is required. Full attention – not part-timers, is what you need. Higher sales price – not lower, is what you want.  Good negotion skills – not lack thereof, is your desire.

A discount broker allows you to set your price lower – thus giving your marketing dollars away on day one when the home is listed.  Pricing your $100,000 home down by 1% or 2% means a lower price of $1,000 to $2,000.   A Tough marketing Realtor will get you your $1,000 or $2,000 and then some and make the transaction flow more smoothly and close more quickly.

Additionally, a good Realtor will give you help in staging your home, take professional photos, follow up every few days on the marketing of the home including reviewing photos, ads, open house dates, flyers, feedback, Realtor tours and more.

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