Houston Real Estate Facts!

There are 21,960 active listings of single-family homes in the greater Houston metro area as of today.   Additionally, there are 11,141 pending sales.   From the average in 2012 and prior, this shows approximately half the number of active listings and almost twice the number of pending sales.  Houston is a  healthy market indeed and made the turn from buyer’s market to seller’s market by the start of 2014, continuing this trend through 2015 trhough 2017.   The number of pending sales has remained fairly steady (within about 2%) over the past 6 months, and the number of active listings has decreased over this time.     Houston’s projected inventory is the lowest it has been in years

Parts of Houston Metro are doing better than others, however.  We’ll break down the areas and show how these sections of Houston are doing. Call me in the mean time for your area at 713.818.0829

Houston Metro homes over $1,000,000 has 12.05 months supply of available inventory with  1637 to choose from and 264 currently pending. There are more of these homes pending than in the previous year and the supply of these homes as of this writing is up.

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  1. your blog shows that Katy is the area with the shortest inventory, followed by Clear Lake. Why are some areas selling more slowly?

  2. my area is not on your list that I can find. Can you let me know what are the sales like in the Med Center area?

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