Meet Norman Frenk & The Frenk Team!

I'm always thinking about Real Estate......
I’m always thinking about Real Estate……

Hey – Glad to meet you.  I’m Norman Frenk and I have been selling Real Estate in the Houston Metro area for 23+ years. I know – you’re going to say, “Norman – you don’t look older than 25…”  Yeah, I get that a lot (from myself!).

In the past 23+ years I have sold hundreds upon hundreds of homes successfully. I’ve got a no-nonsense approach to selling and that usually includes getting in early and working until the job is done.  And since I’ve done this for so long, I have a system that I know works.  It’s tried and true and it will get your home sold.

I, Norman Frenk am also the Only Realtor in the Entire Houston Metro area to have ever been referred by Consumer Advocate, Tom Martino and the Troubleshooter Network (as heard nationwide on the radio).   I have always felt honored by this.  It is a rarity that a Realtor is referred by a consumer advocate.

Hey, I better get back to work doing what I do best – marketing & selling homes.  Do look around the entire site and give me feedback.  Sign up to look at homes or better yet – call me at 713.818.0829 -my direct line.

Norman Frenk, M.B.A.

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